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Reliability and great aesthetic rate are the two main objectives of Affordable Dentistry's experts when they start patient's treatment.

The newest equipment, modern techniques, competent professionals and the patient's snow-white smile are the starting points of our work.

4 quality standards of Affordable Dentistry

  1. Strict control of each stage of treatment and prosthetics
  2. Personal dental laboratories
  3. The warranty on treatment and implantation within 1 year
  4. Personal training center that allows to implement quality standards, improve the skills of young employees and carefully monitor the quality of their work

Qualifired treatment requires taking an integrated approach

The patient may be concerned about only one tooth, but this does not mean that all the rest are healthy. Affordable dentistry's specialists provide the entire spectrum of dental services.

The main goal of our dentists is not only cure the aching tooth, but also achieve a full recovery of the oral cavity and create a beautiful smile.

An integrated approach to the Affordable Dentistry is

  1. The first examination and following free advice of doctors specialize in different areas of dentistry
  2. Accurate diagnosis
  3. The ability to cure diseases of the teeth and gums of any complexity in the same clinic.

Modern technologies

An indicator of the high level of the clinic is the using of the newest equipment and the work of qualified doctors.

When we say that the network of our clinics are well equipped, we are referring to the three-dimensional tomography Galileos, diagnostic Complex Florida Probe, ultrasonic cleaning Vector, dental microscopes Zeiss optics and other high-end tools.

In our centers you can get information about the state of oral health through:

  1. CT scan
  2. Computer diagnostics
  3. X-rays
  4. Panoramic pictures of teeth

Do not be afraid! It will be cheap!

Why do so many people put off a visit to the dentist? Is pain the main reason? Not at all! Very often patients are too afraid of the high cost of services.

We hasten to please you - The centers of Affordable Dentistry have reasonable prices, that is why everyone can afford a beautiful and healthy smile.

Benefit: 4 reasons to treat the teeth at the centers of Affordable Dentistry

  1. Regular promotions for different types of services
  2. Direct cooperation with manufacturers of medicines, which considerably reduces the price of the treatment
  3. The possibility to calculate the cost of treatment at any convenient time for the patient
  4. Openness - the patient can be informed about all types of services prices in advance

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